1302 Mapleton Avenue

Built in 1883 this early Mapleton Avenue house was re-created in order to fulfill the owners desire for a home that maintained it’s historical context, allowed for contemporary comforts and entertaining, and respected the values of environmental sustainability. With the use of natural lime-plaster on the exterior and a functional HERS rating of 23, the spirit of the design is to keep the character from the rich past and at the same time bring it up to date with the latest green technology and modern design.

Inside, exposed brick gives a warm glow to the vernacular of grays, lemongrass and cloudy blue. The many curves of the interior spaces soften the weight of the materials: Rusted steel, concrete countertops and floors, salvaged spruce, and tadelakt plaster create interesting and varied textures while eliminating the use of VOC finishes. A beautiful nexus of old and new we call salvaged modern.

Photography by Magic Factor Media

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Based in Boulder, Colorado
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Based in Boulder, Colorado
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